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Here are all achievements in tao land.

Icon Name Description Comment Precondition
YinyangBall.png Tao Craft an yinyang ball.
PortalBlock.png Into Tao Land Throw an yinyang ball into fire to create a portal and enter. Tao
UjinSword.png Tao Hunter Kill any creature in tao land Into Tao Land
UjinIngot.png Ancient Power Acquire an ujin ingot. Into Tao Land
FuDrawingTable.png Art of Fu Craft a fu drawing table. Ancient Power
ExCraftingTable.png Need More Technique Extend a crafting table. Craft an extended crafting table. Ancient Power
Grapnel.png Ready to Climb Get a grapnel. Need More Technique
DoubleGrapnel.png Climb Master Total grapnel flight distance reaches 10,000 meters. Ready to Climb
UjinHelmet.png Melee Lover Drag a monster from 25m distance to your side. Ready to Climb
Liannu.png Speed Shooter Cast 1,000 arrows using liannu. Need More Technique