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Tao Land is a different dimension from minecraft overworld. There are different biomes, animals, monsters, and structures. This page is about difference of overall environment.


In tao land, sky color is a little different from overworld. It even turns yellow when inside gebi, where there is sand floating in the air.

Different Sky Color

Sun and Moon

In tao land, sun is not simply up from east and down to west. However, like north earth, sun is on south sky when at noon. This makes it easier to know what direction is facing now.

There are two moons in tao land. One is yellow, the other is red. The yellow one goes like sun, while the red one goes like sun of overworld but faster. However, they rise at same time of a day when night comes.

Two Moons

World Time

Time of tao land is opposite to time of overworld. That means, when overworld is in daytime, tao land is at night, and vise versa. It seems like tao land is on the other side of the flat earth.


Sealevel is at 32, not 64. Oops, there's no sea in tao land.