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How to install tao land mod?

Tao land mod is a forge mod. Firstly, Minecraft Forge should be installed. Current tao land mod is for minecraft 1.8 and forge Now follow steps below to install forge:

  1. Visit Minecraft Forge Official Site
  2. Choose Minecraft-1.8, Forge- and download the installer
  3. Run installer and install client

Now that you have minecraft forge, you could install tao land mod by following steps:

  1. Find your minecraft folder
    • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    • Linux: <homedir>/.minecraft
    • MacOS: <homedir>/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  2. Put TaoLandMod- into minecraft/mods folder. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Start your minecraft, choose minecraft version "1.8-Forge11.14.1.1334". You would find tao land mod in mods list.

How to get into tao land world/dimension?

A portal is needed to get into tao land. You could build a portal by following steps:

  1. Craft an yinyang ball from 4 diamonds and 1 redstone dust.
  2. Set on fire by means of flint and steel or a fire charge or something.
  3. Toss the yinyang ball into fire.
  4. Move away from the fire because there would be an explosion, after which a portal appears.

Just walk into the portal and you would be teleported to tao land.