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  • Changed crafting recipe of door
  • Fixed the bug that fu efficiency disappears when renamed
  • Fixed the bug that pavilions may generate in water
  • Fixed the bug that portal creation may fail

  • Fixed the crash when place a tao portal block
  • Fixed the bug that a player could be teleported to lava when teleported by tao portal
  • Fixed the spell mistake of "Gebi Bricks"

  • Move to Forge-1.8 (really a hard work)
  • Added fence, fence gate and door of wood in tao land
  • Added dynamic light to Fu of Flame
  • Added Grass
  • Added property "efficiency" to Fu
  • Removed Fu of Rainy Weather, Fu of Sunny Weather
  • Radically changed biome generating algorithm
  • Slightly changed terrain generating algorithm
  • Now some types of fu lost casting animation (because of 1.8 new mechanism)


  • Added Chinese Pavilion
  • Added world generator by json
  • Changed craft recipe of Painted Log
  • Now Portal can only be built in overworld and tao land
  • Fixed the bug that health, food and exp appears to be reseted after teleported by portal


  • Added Skeleton Soldier
  • Added Ujin Ore
  • Rename Pig Iron to Ujin
  • Move some AI actions to AI classes
  • Fixed the bug that a goat looks visible when it's invisible
  • Fixed the bug that frogs move too fast

  • Added Boar and replaced old pig spawning in tao dimension
  • Added Green Zombie and Red Zombie
  • Now tossing an yinyang ball into fire would build a portal
  • Fixed the memory leak caused by old network pipe
  • Fixed the crash caused by Fu of Bigu