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Bowl 150.png


Bowl in tao land is different from those in vanilla minecraft.


The bowl is a china bowl and can be acquired by smelting a clay bowl.

Bowls can be dyed and get decorated. Here's an example of dyeing a bowl:

With Food

Bowls are used to contain food.

Raw meat in a bowl can be smelted as if it's not in the bowl.

Players can eat the food in a bowl, just like when it's not in the bowl.

Here are all food can be placed in a bowl:

Icon Name
RawBeef.png Raw Beef
CookedBeef.png Steak
RawPorkchop.png Raw Porkchop
CookedPorkchop.png Cooked Porkchop
RawMutton.png Raw Mutton
CookedMutton.png Cooked Mutton

With Water

Hold a bowl, right click water, and the bowl will be filled with water.


Oil can be acquired by smelting cooked meat in a bowl.

Oil can be used in finance as fuel.

Oil can also used to make oil lamps.