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Fu (Chinese: 符) is a sulfur-dyed paper with symbols on it. It's used by taoists as spell medium.

Fu is obtained by drawing on fu drawing table. Here are all types of fu available in this mod:

Icon Name Category Effect
FuOfMaster.png Fu of Master Combat Deal damage to undead.
FuOfFlame.png Fu of Flame Combat Ignite creatures.
FuOfReturning.png Fu of Returning Utility Teleport to spawn point (bed location).
FuOfGolem.png Fu of Golem Utility Create tao golem.
FuOfBigu.png Fu of Bigu Effect Starvation level won't decrease during the effect.
FuOfThunder.png Fu of Thunder Combat Summon thunder damage monsters.
FuOfDestroy.png Fu of Destroy Utility Easily dig holes.
FuOfDimension.png Fu of Dimension Utility Make portal.