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Tao Land is a minecraft forge mod, which provides a full dimension and various new features. Adventurers and adventuresses could use ancient eastern spell, technique, and skills to explore, create and fight in this completely different world. Now, click download and enjoy!

Recent Release

Latest release is TaoLandMod- for Forge-1.8-

Version Download Release Time Change Log Checksum

(Mediafire) (Mirror)

2015-09-04 Change Log SHA-1: 1ee69925ea9348270175a20bd10142a729b6eb70

Change Log


Tao land mod is a forge mod. Firstly, Minecraft Forge should be installed. Current tao land mod is for minecraft 1.8 and forge Now follow steps below to install forge:

  1. Visit Minecraft Forge Official Site
  2. Choose Minecraft-1.8, Forge- and download the installer
  3. Run installer and install client

Now that you have minecraft forge, you could install tao land mod by following steps:

  1. Find your minecraft folder
    • Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    • Linux: <homedir>/.minecraft
    • MacOS: <homedir>/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  2. Put TaoLandMod- into minecraft/mods folder. If it doesn't exist, create it.

Start your minecraft, choose minecraft version "1.8-Forge11.14.1.1334". You would find tao land mod in mods list.

Getting Start

You could build a portal by following steps:

  1. Craft an yinyang ball from 4 diamonds and 1 redstone dust.
  2. Set on fire by means of flint and steel or a fire charge or something.
  3. Toss the yinyang ball into fire.
  4. Move away from the fire because there would be an explosion, after which a portal appears.
Tao Portal

Walking into the portal and you will be teleported to tao land. Start your adventure and have fun!


See Wiki

Contact & Bug Report

Author: Herbix
E-mail: herbix@163.com

Bug Report: http://bugreport.herbix.me/taoLand.php